Imposter Syndrome: Cue the scary music. 

Never heard of imposter syndrome? You’ve probably felt it. According to the American Psychological Association, imposter syndrome is a “sense that (an individual) hasn’t earned what they’ve achieved and are a fraud.” 

Sounds like you? Well, you’re not alone. A staggering 82% of the population has felt this at some point. 

Untreated imposter syndrome can lead to burnout, which is not what you want to feel when trying to keep up with the ever-changing, fast-paced real estate environment. 

Don’t worry! There are some ways to combat this feeling! A few ways include focusing on the “real” facts, not just what your brain is telling you, and sharing how you’re feeling with trusted mentors, friends and maybe even a therapist. Also, don’t be shy about showcasing your successes. While “tooting your own horn” might feel awkward, it’s essential at times in building your self-worth.

Above all, embrace your authentic self, especially in your online presence, where it can feel like you’re competing for likes and comparing yourself to others. 

When you’re authentic online, your audience can relate to your experiences, victories and even your challenges. This relatability builds trust and fuels engagement, enhancing your social media effectiveness.

We want to share this article we found that suggests a few great ways on how to stay “you” online. 

  1. Celebrating your wins while acknowledging your struggles.
  2. Building a supportive network by connecting with fellow agents and industry professionals.
  3. Offering real value to your audience by sharing actionable tips, valuable resources, and insightful industry perspectives.

Being true to yourself online and in real life will help you to feel less imposter syndrome and ultimately be more successful! 

And speaking of authenticity, ensure your support network includes a title company that also embodies these values. Our team at Transnation Title knows how hard you’ve worked to get this far, and we’ll be a closing partner with the same commitment to the transaction and your customers. Contact us today to get started.