Spring is here, and it’s the perfect time for a fresh start!

The Transnation Title team understands the unique opportunity that all our real estate agent friends play in guiding your clients through the process of selling their first home. While the process can feel daunting for first-time sellers, it doesn’t have to be. Now’s your time to shine and be there for them to coach them through the process.

Here are five tips we’ve compiled to help your clients navigate the process with ease and achieve top dollar for their transactions.  

    1. List at the most competitive price. Competitively priced listings typically go under contract in 31 days. Meanwhile, other homes may linger on the market for a median of 73 days. Make sure to review what comparable homes in your area have sold for in the past six months.

    2. Don’t ignore curb appeal. To get the most for your home, you’ll want to make investments to improve first impressions. Think new flowers, shrubs and a fresh coat of paint. Online curb appeal is also important, so make sure you have nice photos or even a video. You can check out resources like Zillow for three-dimensional home tours and interactive floor plans.

    3. Choose the right time. A quarter of recent sellers feel they got their timing wrong, but attempting to time the real estate market is not a good idea. People who sold their homes and then rented, hoping home prices would come down, are now finding that while prices are a bit lower, mortgage rates  have skyrocketed. Remind your clients that the best time to sell is when they’re ready to sell!

    4. Make small repairs: A quarter of recent first-time sellers also believed they could have gotten a better price if they’d paid more attention to home repairs. However, large projects typically do not provide a significant return. Encourage them to focus on smaller projects, including painting, carpet cleaning and landscaping.

    5. Work with a trusted title company: A successful home sale isn’t just about finding the right buyer but also navigating the complex legal process of transferring ownership. An experienced company with a proven track record of reliability, transparency and excellent customer service can make all the difference in ensuring a smooth and timely transaction.

When you partner with Transnation Title, you’ll have access to the expert personal solutions you and your clients can rely on. We’re committed to making sure every deal gets done the right way. Contact us today!