As a Realtor, you’re likely always asking yourself how to stand out from the crowd and make new connections, but your clients and prospective clients are already bombarded with hundreds of emails and phone notifications a week. How do you break through that noise? 

Answer: A handwritten note

You mean, like with an actual pen and paper? Yes! 

Communication is largely done online now, so how can you be sure that a handwritten note will actually work?

Research shows that about 20% of marketing emails are opened, while handwritten notes are almost always opened because they’re  such a novelty. One study estimates that a person only receives about 21 pieces of handwritten mail a year.

So how do you get started with handwritten notes? Here are a few tips.

    1. Find easy reasons to send a note – Birthdays, welcoming new home owners to the neighborhood and thank you notes are just a few reasons you can use to send a note.
    2. Embrace authenticity – When crafting your note, it’s crucial not to overthink the process or get bogged down in finding the perfect words. Instead, be yourself and allow your genuine voice to shine through. Focus on a specific moment or aspect of your interaction that resonated with you or brought you enjoyment.

    3. Timing is everything – An essential aspect of making a real impression with your handwritten note is sending it promptly. Don’t wait — aim to send your note within the first three days following your interaction with your client or prospect.

If you have too many clients to keep up with real handwritten notes, you can look into a resource called Handwrytten. Though they aren’t exactly handwritten, they look and feel like it, which is what’s important.

Taking advantage of this trend will help you stand out and leave lasting impressions on your clients that can lead to referrals and repeat business. So why not try it? Grab a pen and some stationery and start writing those notes — your clients will appreciate the personal touch, and your business will benefit in the long run.

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