At Transnation Title, we take a lot of pride in working in the Great Lakes State and beyond, so you can imagine our excitement when we saw Ann Arbor was ranked first on this survey of best places to live. 

Ann Arbor was ranked the best place to live based on a review of cities most frequently seen on national lists. Its low crime rates, diverse job market and growing tech industry push it to the top!

The city is home to around 121,000 residents and the public University of Michigan. Yes, even the Spartans in our office are happy to see a Michigan community top this list. Cities that followed behind it in the article were Raleigh, North Carolina; Huntsville, Alabama; Fayetteville, Arkansas and Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

Ann Arbor is a beautiful place to make your home with outdoor areas nearby, a thriving nightlife, access to college and major league sports and cool museums. The city attracts thousands of visitors annually, so why would you not want to live there?

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