Our Transnation Title team understands how important networking is to create a successful business, even if it’s something you may dread. Networking can be nerve-wracking or feel disingenuous, but without it, you wouldn’t get those ever-important referrals to new clients and maintain relationships with existing ones. So as a Realtor, how do you make yourself stand out?

The answer: be a great storyteller. Giving examples of times you’ve succeeded and gone above and beyond for a client will make you more memorable, so be sure you have a story like that ready to tell during a networking event. Yes, it’s part of the job, but it’s also important to toot your own horn. This article cites a Realtor who helped a client find short-term accommodations after her partner kicked her out. In this story, the Realtor showed how much she cared about the contact by going out of her way to help her and her kids find a place to stay on short notice. Anyone hearing this story will feel more comfortable recommending this Realtor to friends and clients.

Need other networking tips? 

  • Take notes, so you remember things like a client’s lifestyle and budget.
  • Be a big part of the community and its causes
  • Participate in social media and practice authenticity so people know your personality and feel they can approach you. 

The most successful agents understand networking is important to getting new contacts, clients and listings as well as maintaining good relationships with those already in your network. By telling your personal story well and being genuine, you’ll see the benefits of networking come back to you tenfold. 

Another way to be sure you’re giving your current and future clients the best experience is by working with a trusted title and closing service provider. Transnation Title is the team you want working for you! We provide both commercial and residential services and have the experience and resources needed to create a personalized transaction for you and your buyers/sellers. Reach out to us today to start the closing experience you and your clients deserve.