While the winter months tend to be slower for real estate, now is the time for Realtors to start planting leads to ensure they bloom this spring. Social media can be a very powerful tool to generate leads if you know how to utilize it properly.

Here are 5 main ways to generate leads on social media, according to these two articles.

1. Own your domain name – Owning a .com with your name on it elevates your profile in search engines. Having a clear, distinct link back to your website on your social media profiles will get more people to click on it and is the first important step to using social media and the internet to generate leads. It sounds technical but only takes a few minutes to get started on sites such as Google Workspace.

2. Targeted social media advertising – By using specific targeting options, you can present ads to one specific audience. You’ll engage customers if you promote niche content, offer special discounts and provide limited-time offers.

3. Virtual events – Hosting a virtual event like an Instagram or LinkedIn live or webinar can attract an audience and position you as an expert.

4. Testimonials – Proof of your good service can help you generate leads. Studies show nearly 8 in 10 people have watched a testimonial video to learn about a company, product, or service. Ask your past clients for a testimonial today!

5. Contests & Giveaways – This encourages users to share your site with their friends and is a fun way to connect. The items you offer can be small. For example, “be entered to win a $25 gift card for anyone that shares your post this month.”

Using these methods are sure to help you generate leads this winter and have your spring be successful. When your clients are ready for help with closing and title insurance, please think of using Transnation Title Agency’s services!