The Transnation Title team appreciates all that our Realtor friends do to provide outstanding service to their clients. It’s not always an easy job, we know. And that’s even without the uncertainty and ups and downs we are all grappling with in the market these days. That’s why we weren’t surprised to learn that about 80% of real estate agents burn out in the first two years. While the work is rewarding and the flexibility it affords is a great perk, there are still aspects that can be draining in many ways.

So what exactly is burnout and what can you do to prevent yourself from succumbing to it? 

“Burnout is a form of exhaustion caused by constantly feeling swamped,” according to WebMD. In many cases, it’s related to your job and happens when excessive and prolonged emotional, physical and mental stress is placed on you. 

How can you know if you’re about to burn out? Signs like fatigue, feeling apathetic or dissatisfied with your work, headaches and changes in diet or sleep patterns are all signs you could be burning out. 

So, here are 8 tips to help you combat burnout.

  1. Stay organized – Having a system for organizing all the important and complicated information you have to keep track of is a good way to avoid forgetting to do something meaningful. 
  2. Utilize broker support – Having assistance and support can make a difference in your professional life. 
  3. Learn to say no – That way you can have time with your family or friends. This is not easy to do and you may feel guilty, but it’s necessary. You’re the only one who can take care of yourself. 
  4. Set limits – Set time limits for yourself throughout the day. Designate time for different tasks, and it will keep your schedule structured and leave you with some extra time. 
  5. Create a Schedule – Having and following a schedule is the best way to control your time and efforts. You have to stick to the schedule once it’s made for it to be effective.
  6. Take time for yourself – You don’t need to take an extended break, but you should take time off regularly. It could even be a few hours a day. This will be very good for your mental health. 
  7. Plan meals and activities – Stay balanced by planning what you want to eat and do throughout your week. Making plans for the weekend will give you something to look forward to throughout the week. As a side note, healthy meals will fuel your energy and cognitive abilities. 
  8. Seek help when you need it – Whether a professional like a therapist or a good friend, asking for help is important. 

Another way to help prevent stress is by working with a title and closing partner you can trust like Transnation Title. We pride ourselves on providing the expertise and resources you need to provide a smooth, efficient and enjoyable closing experience for you and your customers. Contact us today and let’s discuss your next transaction!