The Transnation Title team is honored to work with all of our great customers and their communities across Michigan and beyond! We have a lot of pride in the Great Lakes state, and that’s why we wanted to draw your attention to U.S. News Best Places to Live rankings for 2022

Out of 150 cities, both Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids ranked in the top 20. To be included on the list, each city must have a strong jobs market, be a desirable place to live and provide opportunities for a high quality of life. The overall metrics also involve a measure of housing affordability and how many people migrate into and out of the city. Other Michigan communities on the list include Kalamazoo, Lansing, Detroit and Flint.

While Ann Arbor ranked #11 for best places to live, it came in first place overall for quality of life, measuring how satisfied residents are day to day. Grand Rapids also scored high in the quality-of-life index and was noted for its affordability and low cost of living.

And to our Hoosier clients, three Indiana cities made the list as well, with Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, and South Bend all featured in the top 150.

No matter where your next transaction takes place, you’ll be glad you chose to work with Transnation Title. We’re proud to be a local employee-owned company dedicated to our beautiful cities and towns. With more than 30 locations all over Michigan, two in Indiana, and licenses in other states (including Florida), we’ve dedicated ourselves to serving our real estate partners for more than 160 years. For a complete list of our offices, click here.