Whether it’s indulging in a drink or two at one of Beer City’s best craft breweries or kicking back and relaxing with your toes in the sand on one of Northern Michigan’s fabulous beaches, the Transnation Title team hopes you have a chance to enjoy some rest and relaxation this spring.

After all, it’s no secret that this is a crazy time for all of us in real estate. Talk about another form of March madness! Amid this ongoing seller’s market, many of our Realtor friends will be helping clients navigate the often emotional, chaotic, and fast-paced process of selling a home.

This recent article points out how many sellers, hoping to cash in quickly on these favorable market conditions, may be jumping in impulsively and without a game plan. We work with some of the best Realtors in the game, but we thought these three tips might be a great reminder to share with your clients this season.  

List below market value – even in a seller’s market

“Wait, what?” This is likely the first reaction you’ll get from your clients at this suggestion. Seeing what current homes are selling for may tempt them to start aggressively high so that they can drive the sales price up even further.

 As you know, though, this is risky and can easily backfire. If the price is too high and the house sits unsold too long, that’s still a huge red flag to potential buyers, who might assume there is something wrong with it.

Instead, encourage your clients to list at fair market value (or even slightly lower) to pique interest. This increases the chances of a bidding war that can drive up prices well over the original listing.

Get the home move-in ready.

Supply chain disruptions and the increased costs of goods and services have many of today’s buyers wary of fixer-uppers or homes in need of immediate, costly renovations. The majority are looking for those that require little to no effort or work to be done.Help your clients see the value in paying for these improvements themselves before putting the house on the market.

And once it’s time for them to list, help them put their best foot forward with an exceptional online presentation. Think beyond just top-notch photography. Entice would-be buyers with a more dynamic presentation, including 3D video tours, floor plans, aerial photography, and more.

Weigh all the options

As you know from experience, if an offer is too good to be true, it probably is. While the sales price is likely the first (and maybe even only) factor your clients will consider when reviewing offers, help them see the bigger picture.

While an offer well over the asking price may be too enticing to pass up, this may open your seller to risks from appraisal gaps or less than ideal inspections. If the buyer makes a price reduction or even walks away entirely and the deal falls through, you and your client are back at square one.

While you strive to help your clients fetch the best possible price for their investment, coach them to consider that the surest bet is often the offer with fewer contingencies.

We hope these tips provide you with a few more tools in your toolbelt as you guide Michigan’s sellers and show them how to maximize the opportunities of this spring’s booming market. When the dust settles and it’s time to close, you and your clients deserve an experienced expert and ally. Transnation Title will ensure that your transaction is a success and handled with the highest level of care. Reach out to one of our offices whenever you need us.