“Wait… what IS title insurance exactly?”

We get that a lot. From buyers and sellers, our fellow real estate professionals, and even prospective employees. And that’s perfectly okay. We love educating.

Quite simply, title insurance focuses on risk prevention for homebuyers. It protects them from financial loss due to issues with their property ownership rights. In other words, we protect homebuyers.

While that may sound like a bit of a niche service, there happen to be plenty of great employment opportunities across the industry, including on the Transnation Title team.

Working in title allows you to protect homebuyers and their greatest investment. Our Transnation Title team is always on the lookout for exceptional people to join us. Recognized as a 2021 Top Workplace by the Detroit-Free Press, we strive to empower each other to deliver a superior customer experience for the communities we serve in Michigan, Indiana, and Florida.

If you are looking to start a meaningful career path or just looking for a new opportunity with a tremendous upside for advancement, Transnation Title may be the perfect place for you.  Here are four reasons for you to consider a job in title.

The real estate market is thriving

Since the pandemic began, millions of Americans have been on the move. More and more homeowners continue to enter the market, and that trend doesn’t show signs of ending any time soon. A career in title offers a high degree of stability with plenty of market potential.

There’s a role for everyone

Think you’re not cut out to be a title closer? No problem! It’s a varied industry, meaning there is a role for everyone, no matter your personality or skill set. You’ll never have to force yourself into a position that you won’t be satisfied in. Start with identifying your personality traits and the kind of work you like to do, and you’re sure to find your best fit.

You get to grow through apprenticeship

Setting out in a new field or learning a new craft can feel daunting. Our field is built on an approach of training and apprenticeship, ensuring that you’ll work side by side with experienced professionals and never be left in the dark. Not only will you have someone you can turn to for training, questions, or advice, but you’ll also have the opportunity to benefit from a strong, meaningful mentor relationship. 

You have everything you need

Multiple skills from other industries and professions easily transfer to title. No matter the role you’re interested in, if you have a desire and openness to learning, you’ll thrive. The essential traits of reliability, effective communication, and adaptability to a fast-paced environment will serve you well. 

Interested in joining our award-winning team? Check out our careers page for more about what makes Transnation Title an exceptional place to work as well as a list of our company-wide opportunities!