The Transnation Title team knows that you take pride in your customer service and communication. We work with some of the best Realtors, lenders, and developers in the state of Michigan and beyond, dedicated to providing their clients with excellent care. As we all know, that’s been especially critical these past two years.  

What’s also important to remember, though, is that we all make sure our team members are also taking care of each other. It’s this level of care that led us to be named one of Michigan’s top Places to Work last year. In the real estate industry, where professionals work so closely with others, empathy is crucial to successful leadership. According to recent research, it’s an essential driver of innovation, engagement, and inclusion, especially in times of crisis.

With the pandemic still impacting nearly every facet of our lives and mental health on a steep decline, now is the time to put extra focus on developing empathy as one of your top leadership skills. Employees across all industries are struggling with burnout, and turnover is rampant. And while an empathetic attitude can’t fix all issues, it can imbue the work culture with a more positive, proactive energy.

Empathy takes many forms for those in a leadership position, like providing more flexible work hours and remote-work options for those still adapting to in-person work. Additionally, by prioritizing racial equity and facilitating more conversations at work, those in charge can create a compassionate company culture.

For instance, Zendesk, a company that began holding “empathy circles,” hosted six unstructured conversations over twelve months where all topics were welcome. According to Zendesk, about 95% of participants have said these sessions helped build a safe and empathetic workspace.

Along with setting up conversations with employees, simply asking questions, avoiding judgment, and recognizing feelings in certain situations can make all the difference with those we work with.

Growing empathy won’t lead to an overnight transformation, but slowly implementing these simple steps in our interactions can change the way our colleagues work and feel for the better.

Transnation Title already knows we work with some of the most caring people in the community, but we could all use these tips to do an even better job this year. As always, thank you for your friendship, and we look forward to continuing to provide outstanding service to you every time we work together to deliver for our customers.