As we’re all probably now aware, millennials are one of the most significant factors driving the massive demand in the housing market, with many of them just now entering their prime homebuying years. But you’ve probably noticed as well that there’s another group that’s also on the move in a big way—baby boomers.

That’s right. Older adults are in a great position to cash in on the record price growth in today’s market, with a lifetime’s worth of savings and home equity giving them more flexibility than younger generations on timelines and locations.

A recent article from offering advice to older homebuyers caught our eye and got us thinking about how we can all better serve this age group. Here are four suggestions.

Get credentialed

The National Association of Realtors offers the Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) certification, which certifies your knowledge in marketing and selling to adults ages 50+. This two-day course equips you to help maturing buyers or sellers navigate unique issues such as retirement planning, healthcare, and other factors that may go into their housing decisions. Understanding what these clients need and what matters to them can establish your credibility and help you provide them with the most value possible.

 Adapt your strategy

This doesn’t necessarily mean shifting from digital to analog methods of communication. But recognize that older adults may prefer a phone call or snail mail over a text or email and adjust accordingly. Never make assumptions, though. Always offer them modern communication options, but make sure to include old-school options for those less comfortable online. And remember that baby boomers are less attracted to colorful language, tending to have the life experience to sniff out cheap sales tactics or glowing promises. Give them the facts and back it up with data.

Help them look to future needs

Helping boomers think long-term will be crucial to providing top-level value and service. Aid them in thinking through both their present and future needs. For buyers, that’s particularly true for the features of the home. Depending on their lifestyle and future plans, something that requires less time and maintenance may be their best option.

Be respectful

Above all, be respectful and sensitive to the unique challenges of your older clients, like the strong emotions they may feel about leaving an old home behind or letting go of their favorite belongings when it’s time to downsize. A great Realtor can adapt to the situation to provide the best service. Consider offering to help plan garage sales for your sellers or providing contact information for a storage facility, junk removal service, or moving company. And above all, don’t insult them. Recognize their experience, independence, and authority in navigating this process.

Using these four strategies, you can help better serve your maturing clients in all their buying and selling needs. When it comes time to start the closing process, The Transnation Title team is here to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible. Contact one of our offices today.