Happy January from your friends at Transnation Title! We know these past two years have been busy, intense, and at times, crazy, and it can be a challenge to stay sharp and focused each day.

 That got us thinking about what we can all do to be more effective in our work this year, no matter our role. This excellent article shares something we can all incorporate: a great morning routine.

Routine helps us feel more in control and productive, manage our time better and adapt to change faster. The whole piece is a great read, but here are three tips that stood out to the Transnation Title team.

Start your day early… the night before

A great morning usually means waking up early. The secret? Going to bed earlier. Aim for a consistent bedtime and try to get at least seven hours. If you’re someone who has trouble turning your brain off at night (like most of us), try writing down your schedule and what you need to get done the next day before you power down for the night.

Fuel your body and mind first

Most of us (if we’re being honest) roll out of bed, grab our phones, and immediately check email or scroll through social media. But psychologists say this is one of the worst ways we can start our day, flooding us with stress before we’ve even had a chance to get rid of our morning breath. Instead, take care of our bodies and brains with activities like eating a healthy breakfast, drinking a big glass of water, and getting in a bit of exercise, even if it’s just a ten-minute walk or stretch.

Set your goals

One Colorado real estate agent and coach asks himself the same question every day, “If I could only accomplish two things today that would make me feel proud, what would they be?” Productivity expert Michael Hyatt recommends setting a “Daily Big 3” of your top priorities. Whatever you choose, resist the urge to make it a list of 10-20 tasks and define the few things you can do to make the day a win.

The Transnation Title team is grateful to work with all our great partners and know that you are already doing such a great job serving your clients. We hope these tips will help you start your day more effectively so that you can continue to offer great service day in and day out. You can continue to count on us for the personal solutions you need to close your transactions the right way.