Autumn is such an exciting time with all the activities that come with the changing weather. From pumpkins and football to Halloween and Thanksgiving, this season has been a cornucopia of fun for the Transnation Title family.

Typically, this season is paired with a slower real estate market, but this year has been anything but normal. Not surprisingly, the market is staying hot, even as the temperatures cool down. We know fall homebuyers are usually more serious in their home searches. More holidays are approaching, and people want to settle down as quickly as possible before the new year, so here are some fall tips for sellers, though our Realtor friends know these already.

Even with more supply around than the spring, there are more buyers than homes up for sale. Only weeks before the fall housing market started did home prices hit a national median all-time high of $385,000, according to Home prices are pleasantly high, and mortgage interest rates are floating in record low numbers as 30-year, fixed-rate mortgages averaged 2.87% back in August. Even as rates slowly tick up, they are still low enough to be considered very affordable.   

Fall — and even the upcoming winter —  is the perfect time to seize opportunities in marketing your real estate business and find new homebuyers, too! Thank you for continuing to trust our professional and caring team to take care of your transactions and customers all the way through the closing table. Reach out to your local Transnation Title office whenever you need us. We love working together in all seasons.