There was a recent headline from our local MLive media group that really caught our eye: “Buyer frustration is slowing real estate demand.” (Subscription required for access.) 

This, of course, was alarming to us at first, but then we got to thinking. This means it’s our time to shine as real estate professionals. 

All of us know the market has been incredibly hot all year long. Though football season often brings a slowdown in activity, that may not be the case this season. Demand is still high. Realtors, loan officers and the Transnation Title team need to be ready to be the guide our customers need, so we put together a list of things our agent friends already do that you should highlight in a market like this.

Pump up your local market knowledge.

More than ever, it’s important that buyers and sellers are working with someone who knows the current conditions in the local market. What to expect and what worked two years ago isn’t applicable right now, and it’s important that your clients realize they have a partner who understands that.

Help them understand the time commitment.

Let your buyers know off the bat how adaptable and quick they must be to be successful. Set realistic expectations, too. You want to be honest, but as you’ve probably encountered already this spring, it could turn into a stressful journey for all. Staying positive – and we know all of you are great at that – is just as key as being the guide in times like these.

Prepare your buyers for quick decisions.

It’s about the pre-approval. Make sure they are ready to act when it’s time to make an offer. You know quick, informed decisions are important so share that with your clients. Even if the competition has cooled a bit in your market since June and July, it’s still fast-paced out there! 

When you’re ready to start the closing process, trust Transnation Title to make sure everything stays on track and there can be a celebration at the end of this journey. Contact us today!