As you may know, your trusted Transnation Title Agency team can utilize Remote Online Notarization (RON) for certain residential and commercial transactions. It’s a service we are proud to offer because it shows a commitment to our customers, innovation and technology. To learn more about RON options with Transnation Title, click here, or contact one of our offices today. 

While RON has been around for a while, using it became more popular and widespread during the pandemic as title companies like us turned to innovative solutions to keep customers safe, secure and healthy. In fact, there are now 37 states that have authorized the use of RON for real estate closings, Michigan included, and Congress is once again considering the SECURE Act. If passed, RON would be approved for nationwide use.

We also wanted to direct you to a recent survey done in Virginia that showed how much buyers and sellers have embraced remote closings. According to ALTA, 97% of survey respondents who had used RON said the process was safe and secure, and 95% said they would recommend the RON process to others.

No matter how your closing is done, you can always rely on the Transnation Title team to provide you with personal solutions and trusted protection. It’s just how we do business!